The author is an 18 year old from a small city and has larger than life dreams but the thought of publishing a book had never occurred to her. Unexpected changes in her life found her using her pen as a weapon. She grew up looking up to two people who had a beautiful love story: her mom and dad. That’s the reason she was interested in romance genre and always dreamt of a positive world. So, she thought why not make a new genre in which love and message to society are served together? So thinking of this, she started writing her story. As she says, “If you want to get something, you have to fight for it. Just asking won't help.” So she stood for herself and found her mom standing in front of her to face all the odds along with her. Whether it is a good decision or a bad one, she never regretted it. She believes we should only regret when we are not able to make a decision. If we make a decision, even if it back fires, we should be proud of ourselves that we were able to take those decisions. She was a bright student so her dad thought that she was going to be an IITian or an IAS officer. Initially she agreed but when she went for her engineering preparation, she realized that this is not what she is waiting for. The line was so long, everyone wanted to be an engineer or a doctor so where and how was she different? She soon realized she would have to leave this thing and go her own way, so she talked to her parents. There was a huge melodrama yet she didn’t give up and fought till everyone agreed. She didn’t know which talent would make her special. After months, she found out that it was writing those poems which were hidden in her diaries, those dramatic lines she used when talking to people. She knew she could play with words and so, she took one step further towards publishing the book and now here is her author’s website.

Aiman Parween